Social Responsibility

Besides our remarkable development in the construction machinery industry, we have taken an active part in philanthropic undertakings such as post-disaster reconstruction, educational donation, rural society reengineering and stay-at-home children support, thus gaining wide recognition from the society and media.

Over the decade since August 2003, the "Love Changes Fate 1-million-yuan educational donation" initiated by us has donated over 2 million US dollars to directly support 1,769 needy college entrants in China and given out Canmax Self-Motivation Scholarship to 868 excellent needy students. In 2012, we donated 330,000 US dollars to support 686 needy college entrants and awarded 80 self-motivated students.

After the outbreak of the ice disaster and Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, Yushu earthquake in 2010 and Ya’an earthquake in 2013, we donated a total of over 6.5 million US dollars and fielded heavy-duty equipment to the quake-hit areas for relief efforts at the earliest possible time. We were honored as a "national heroic quake-relieving collective" by the nation and an "advanced grass-roots Party organization in quake relief" by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee.

As a longstanding partner of Hunan's sports undertakings, we have sponsored large sports events many times, with a total donation amount of 3 million US dollars.