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Sany excavator leads the era of electric drive

2023-5-25 14:23:53

On May 15, 2023, the 3rd Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition officially came to an end. The 300,000-square-meter exhibition area, which was full of people and machines for four consecutive days, finally returned to silence.

In 4 days, this world-renowned world construction machinery feast attracted more than 1,500 manufacturers from all over the world to participate in the exhibition, brought more than 20,000 exhibits to the audience, and created a transaction performance of 53.6 billion yuan... It can be said that the third Changsha With the theme of "high-end, intelligent and green - a new generation of construction machinery", the International Construction Machinery Exhibition has created a steel event that brings together the industry's cutting-edge new energy technologies and product solutions for global audiences. At the "C" booth at the venue, new energy cranes that go straight into the sky, mighty and majestic electric mixer trucks, and smart and efficient micro-mixing pump trucks... Sany Heavy Industry made a collective appearance with its entire series of electrified products, Wan Hongcong The "wisdom blue" in the show became the focus of the audience's attention once it appeared!

In the intelligent equipment competition exhibition area of the exhibition, Sany SY19E electric micro-excavator and wheel excavator "danced" accompanied by dynamic music. Sometimes the bucket was raised high and the chassis was suspended in the air. They won the highest performance in the audience with a wonderful "dual machine dance". Yinlang's applause also pushed the Sany electric excavator to the center of the stage.

Among the Sany "Electric Legion" participating in this exhibition, the two star products of Sany SY215E and SY19E electric excavators appeared together, attracting the attention and consultation of many audiences. Among them, Sany SY215E is a pure electric mid-digger built by Sany Heavy Machinery. The core components such as the three electric systems all have independent property rights, with strong power and low energy consumption. The reliability of the equipment has been fully verified in the extreme working conditions of the plateau and cold, such as the Sichuan-Tibet line. It is favored by customers such as mines, steel mills and ports, and has a good reputation and sales.

As a new generation of electric mini excavator, Sany SY19E has many advantages such as fast action response, high action precision and smooth operation. Not only can it achieve pollution-free "zero" emissions, but the Sany SY19E has the advantages of fast charging and silent operation, which greatly expands the application scenarios of the equipment. It has been widely used in many construction scenarios such as wineries, basements, and tunnels. , which greatly broadens the application field of electric excavation.

In recent years, Sany has made rapid progress and achieved continuous results in promoting the "three modernizations" strategy of electrification, intelligence and internationalization, and has become one of the enterprises with "the most categories and the most complete technology lines" in the field of new energy in the industry. The two star products of Sany SY215E and SY19E electric excavators unveiled this time are only the tip of the iceberg of Sany's huge excavator product matrix covering small, medium and large tonnages.

At present, a new energy revolution led by electrification has been fully rolled out, and Sany, as the leader in China's construction machinery industry, has won many "market first, technology first" on the electrification track with a leader attitude. One", the blue paint representing electrified products in the product matrix complements the red and black colors of traditional equipment. In the future, Sany will surely guide this green "whirlwind" to sweep the global construction machinery industry and bring more green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient new energy equipment solutions to users.