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1. Convenient dismantling/installation technology: Self dismantling/installation of crawler frame and vehicle body counterweight may be completed with hydraulic oil cylinders on main mast; hinging pin shafts adopt hydraulic power connection insert-pull. 

Super-lifting luffing system (super-lifting mast 6m winch section, super-lifting mast top section, super-lifting luffing mechanism & steel wire rope, super-lifting luffing pulley block) is transported as a whole.

Tower-type auxiliary boom connecting section, tower-type auxiliary boom bottom section, tower-type auxiliary boom front/rear supports and anti-backward-tilting system are transported as a whole; tower-type auxiliary boom is installed without sleeper.

Rear support anti-backward-tilt device of tower-type auxiliary boom is tensioned automatically. 

Connecting position of main boom pulling plate is set with peach-type connecting hole for the convenience of dismantling and installing pulling plates.

Boom pulling plates are transported along with boom, improving assembling efficiency of boom pulling plate.

Flexible connecting system of main mast component makes such component more convenient and fast to dismantle and install.

A series of technologies like semi-hole limit etc. to realize connection between crawler frame and frame improve assembling efficiency significantly. 

2. Super-lifting technology: Super-lifting counterweight stepless luffing technology is used and meanwhile super-lifting counterweight calculating software is equipped. User may select appropriate super-lifting counterweight weight and super-lifting counterweight amplitude according to hoisting scheme during actual use, and meanwhile ensure super-lifting counterweight to be off the ground. super-lifting counterweight may realize stepless luffing.

3. Dedicated goose-head boom for wind power: Dedicated goose-head boom designed in allusion for wind power hoisting is light in weight and strong in hoisting capacity. Maximum lifting capacity without super-lifting may reach 116t and maximum boom length may reach 96m+7m.

4. Boom auxiliary bracing technology: Double auxiliary bracing core technology in domestic 500t products ensures rigidity and strength of 126m long boom, ensures fatigue strength for long term use and gives potential of boom into best play.

5. Excellent lifting performance: Overall weight is in a leading level of same tonnage cranes, lifting performance is in a internationally leading level and main performance indexes such as maximum lifting torque, main boom length and hoisting height etc. reach and even exceed internationally advanced level. Especially, movable super-lifting device is used, improving adaptability and use convenience of crane significantly. 

6. Powerful mechanism capacity and single rope tension: Main hoisting mechanism adopts φ28mm high-strength steel wire rope, which ensures powerful single rope tension, effectively reduces multiplying power and improves lifting efficiency. 

7. Advanced control technology: All kinds of electronic monitoring systems are equipped; on-line fault detection and diagnosis are available during operation; open-type hydraulic system with matured development technology and electrical proportional pilot variable displacement pump control systems are used to control according to needs so that system is stable and speed regulation feature is good. Power regulation, flow regulation and speed control functions of engine, pump group, package, change valve and actuators are realized in electronic module control mode; total power extreme load control technology may effectively prevent engine flaming out due to pump overpower; hoisting system adopts electronic control variable displacement motor with pressure shut-off form, which may avoid secondary hoisting slipping phenomenon and improve operating safety; programmable logic control (PLC) effectively ensure realization of all functions of main machine, and fully reflect people oriented design concept; computer-based query system for hoisting operation performance table as well as safety devices like torque limiter, height limiter, steel wire rope overfall stop and boom anti-backward-tilting protection device are equipped. 

8. Optimized transportation scheme: 1. Neither width nor height of main machine exceed limits; it is unnecessary to dismantle mast or winch to transport as a whole; 2. Pulling plates may be fixed on boom when transporting and do not need to be dismantled, or transported as a whole with unique pulling plate tray of our company; 3. Heavy-duty main boom, tower-type auxiliary boom and stationary auxiliary boom may be transported in one-inside-another mode to reduce number of transportation vehicles.

9. Complete safety ensuring technology: For the purpose of ensuring actions of all functions safely, torque limiter, boom anti-backward-tilting device, hoisting height limit device, anemograph, bidirectional hydraulic lock, slewing warning and traveling warning etc. are set on the basis of combining mechanical, electrical and hydraulic aspects. Some key safety points adopt double or triple protection for the purpose of protecting equipment and personnel thoroughly.

Max. rated lifting capacityStandard working conditionHeavy-duty main boomt450
Light-duty main boomt230
Tower-type auxiliary boomt216
Wind power goose-head boomt116
Super-lifting working conditionHeavy-duty main boomt500
Light-duty main boomt230
Tower-type auxiliary boomt230
Max. lifting torqueStandard working conditionHeavy-duty main boomt.m373.3*8=2986
Super-lifting working conditionHeavy-duty main boomt.m391.7*16=6267
Dimension parametersLength of main boomm24~96
Luffing angle of main boom°-3~85°
Length of tower-type auxiliary boomm24~84
Length of wind power goose-head boomm7
Speed parameterMax. single rope speed of hoisting mechanism (non-load, sixth layer)m/min130
Max. single rope speed of main boom luffing mechanism (First Layer)m/min2×53
Max. slewing speedr/min1
Max. traveling speedkm/h0.73
Average ground pressureMPa0.132
Engine powerkW360
Overall weight (24m heavy-duty main boom, 500t hook)t375
Max. Mass of Single Piece in Transport Statet49
Max. dimensions of singe piece (slewing table) in transport state (L × W × H)m11.5×3.4×3.4