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1. Super-lifting radius stepless regulation device may provide ultra-strong lifting performance, improving site adaptability of products.

2. Electrical proportional operating system adopts PLC integrated control, which fully reflects people oriented design concept, realizes automatic control of crane, and improves safety, reliability and operating efficiency of crane significantly. Use of water-proof and dust-proof measures ensures adaptability of severe working environment.

3. Hydraulic pump control variable displacement system combines with electrical proportional operating system closely, improving control performance of crane significantly, saving energy and being efficient. It features good inching capacity and stable reliable motion. Feature point of hydraulic system is fitted with pressure testing connector for the system to realize operating status monitoring and fault diagnosis.

4. Complete safety device and colored large screen monitor engine, operating status and wind speed in real time to ensure safe operation of crane.

5. Truss-type boom adopts imported tubes from German, and features light weight and high bearing capacity. There are various boom combination and application range is wide. Boom end single pulley mechanism may realize fast hoisting of light load, improving working efficiency. 

6. Cummins engine, high-quality hydraulic, electrical and transmission components as well as anti-twisting steel wire rope ensure operating reliability and environmental protection performance.

7. Components heavier than 20t realize self dismantling and installation. Connecting pin shaft between boom and slewing table as well as connecting pin between crawler frame and frame adopt hydraulic dismantling and installation.

8. Wide control cabin, adjustable seat, dual-purpose air conditioner and audio system provide a comfortable operating environment. When working, tilting angle of control cabin may be adjusted to expand field of view; when transporting, control cabin may be turned from side to front for the purpose of reducing transportation width. 

9. Stringing technology, power pin technology, centralized lubricating system and operating status monitoring system reduce labor strength and reflect humanization. 

10. All kinds of anti-backward-tilting device effectively prevent boom tilting backward;

11. Electrical fuel refueling pump of standard configuration saves time and is convenient; 

12. Movable pump station with gasoline power makes assembling of complete machine mechanized and reduces labor strength of installation personnel; 

13. Main luffing mast, main luffing pulley block and main luffing hoist may be dismantled at the same time;

14. Main boom and auxiliary boom, as well as front/rear supports may be transported in one-inside-another mode, saving number of transportation vehicle and reducing transportation expenses;

15. Optional wind power auxiliary boom system satisfies hoisting demand of 3MW and below wind turbine fully.

16. Traveling mechanism adopts four-wheel drive, with strong driving capacity.

Max. lifting capacityt650
Standard working conditionLength/ max. lifting capacity of heavy-duty main boomm/t24-96/650
Length/ max. lifting capacity of light-duty main boomm/t66-108/330
Length/ max. lifting capacity of wind power auxiliary boom (optional)m/t78-102+12/165
Length/ max. lifting capacity of tower-type auxiliary boomm/t30-66+24-84/230
Super-lifting working conditionLength/ max. lifting capacity of heavy-duty main boomm/t36-108/650
Length/ max. lifting capacity of light-duty main boomm/t90-138/263
Length/ max. lifting capacity of wind power auxiliary boom (optional)m/t78-126+12/170
Length/ max. lifting capacity of dedicated auxiliary boomm/t42-108+12/340
Length/ max. lifting capacity of tower-type auxiliary boomm/t36-84+24-96/340
Max. single rope lifting speedm/min130
Max. single rope speed of main boom luffingm/min56×2
Max. single rope speed of tower boom luffingm/min100
Max. single rope speed of super-lifting luffingm/min110
Slewing speedr/min0.7
Traveling speedkm/h0.8
Average ground pressureMPa0.146
Engine powerkw447
Overall weight (24m heavy-duty main boom, 700t hook)t496
Max. weight of single piece (main machine) in transport statet65
Max. dimensions of single piece (main machine) in transport state (L× W× H)m12×3.3×3.4